Creating an account:


To create an account go to:

You can create an account by using an email address or by linking your Google account.


Activating your account:


After registration you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Click on the link in the email to complete the activation process.


Verifying your account:


In order to have full access to all our features on, please complete the verification process on your account here.


Profile settings



Updating your profile:


You can update your profile information under your settings here.

You can easily update the following items in your profile:

    • your username *must only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores
    • your full name
    • your profile avatar
    • your profile cover/banner
    • your profile bio
    • birthdate
    • gender
    • location
    • website URL


Changing your password on


If you’re logged into your account, you can change your account password on under your account settings here.


Forgotten password:



To reset your password go to and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a reset link into your mailbox. You can also click the “forgot your password” link at too.

Note: if you cannot log into your CCBILL account to update your payment information or complete your payments, please visit where you can log into your account using your email address, credit card, and subscription ID number. You can call 24 hours a day and speak to a CCBILL representative at 888-596-9279. You can also email CCBILL at for all account assistance.


Account (profile) privacy settings:


The following account types are available on

    • Open (default) - open profile is visible to both registered and unregistered users and anyone can see the content regardless whether they follow (subscribe to) the account or not.
    • Public (regular profile) - profile visible to registered users only, but the content is only available to followers or paid subscribers.
    • Private / Incognito (hidden profile) - this profile is completely hidden and will not show up in searches, nor will be shown in our recommendations on the platform.

To make changes to your profile visibility and privacy settings, please go to your settings under privacy here.





Following accounts


Once you have created an account you can follow any free account or subscribe to any of the subscription based creator accounts.




Once you have an active account, you can purchase user subscriptions, send tips, and unlock posts and paid messages through your CCBILL account. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Subscription pricing is set by the content creator. All subscription pricing rebills every 30 days. Discounted/Bundled subscription rebills at regular monthly rate once the promo rate expires.


Auto-renewal subscriptions


Subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default.

Subscriptions may not auto-renew if:

    • Your credit card was declined
    • If the subscription price has increased,
    • Auto-renew was disabled by you.

Please review your account, make sure you have a valid credit card added or your wallet has credit in it, and try to subscribe again.


Finding a profile


If you know the exact username of the person you are looking for, you can find them by going to and use the search bar on the top of the page and then select the “People” tab to see a link to the user’s profile.


I’m unable to subscribe to an account


Verify your email, use an up-to-date web browser, link a valid credit card in your account for paid subscription based accounts.

Some Creators block access to certain countries, states, IP addresses, or Users. If you see this message, you will not have access to this content creator’s account


Cancellations + Refunds


All Sales of PPV, private content (LPM), tips, and subscription services are final.

To cancel a subscription visit the Subscription management page here.

Turning off auto-renew prevents you from being billed the following month if you no longer wish to subscribe.


How do I keep track of my spendings?


You can view all your spendings under settings in your “payments” here


Chargebacks / Credit Card Disputes


If a user seeks a chargeback or dispute from their credit card company, the user’s access to may be discontinued or limited. If you believe your account has been limited in error, please contact support ( Any amount that users seek to refund or chargeback will be reported to the Creator and will be removed from the Creator’s income.


US State Age Verification Laws


If you are a fan from Louisiana, Utah, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, or Texas, state law requires additional age verification prior to accessing parts of this website.


Billing Questions


All memberships renew automatically unless canceled the day before their renewal.

Cancellation, billing questions, and payment related password resets are available at


Accepted payment methods


We accept most credit and debit cards through CCBILL (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Debit Cards ACH/eChecks)


How does a transaction appear on my credit card statement? transactions may appear in the following formats on your statements:

    • POS Debit CCBILL.COM
    • Visa Check Card CCBILL.COM MC
    • Misc. Debit CCBILL.COM


Transactions / Charges


Our prices appear in USD only. The currency conversion is done at the bank level and not by All credit card charges are in USD. We use a secure and encrypted third-party payment processor (CCBILL) to complete transactions. You may need to confirm your purchase with additional verification with CCBILL.


Pending charges


Pending charges may temporarily appear on your statement if you have had multiple, unsuccessful purchase attempts. Pending charges disappear from your card automatically between 5-7 days. Please wait at least 7 days for the pending charge to disappear before contacting support.


Failed charges will retry your transaction up to 3 times. Failed Transactions may be due to:

    • Incorrectly entered credit card details by you
    • Insufficient funds in your account
    • Incorrect address, zip code, or postal code details entered by you
    • Reaching your daily limit set on your account by
    • A limit for internet transactions set by your bank or credit card provider. We are unable to provide further information if your banking institution is blocking your purchases. You should inquire with the issuer of your card.
    • If you have used a proxy or VPN to access, your bank may have an IP verification system that may restrict your purchases. You will need to contact your bank to see why your card was declined.


Third Party Payments


Arrangements for offsite payments are not allowed and do not send any money to any user or creator without using our secure payment processor. Asking for offsite payments using any third party payment method will result in account suspension and getting banned from




You can add funds and can keep track of all your available balance on in your wallet.


Wallet Credits


Adding funds to your wallet allows you to subscribe to any user, send tips or unlock paid content and messages without making a credit card transaction every time. Your wallet balance will be used by default as long as it is sufficient for the attempted purchase (or subscription auto-renew). Purchases can not be divided. If the purchase you are attempting to make is larger than your wallet balance, your connected card will be charged the full amount. Wallet Credit transactions are instant and easy to use. There is no wait time in processing new transactions.





Payout Percentages - non exclusive


Creators receive 80% of the revenue on their earnings including subscriptions, paid messages and tips. The remaining 20% covers referral payments, payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services.


Payout Percentages - exclusive to


Creators exclusive to can keep up to 85% of the revenue on their earnings by making their exclusive content distributor. Contact us if you would like to sign an exclusive agreement. ALL exclusive agreement terms end on December 31st of each year.


How can I monetize my content? (How can I make money off my content?)


In order to monetize your content make sure you have completed our verification process here.

You have the following options to monetize your content on

    • Paid profile: Create a paid profile where only your subscribers can view and access your content.
    • IMPORTANT: make sure that your profile is not open to the public, go to your privacy settings here and disable “open profile”.
    • Then go to your subscription settings here, turn on “paid profile”, and set your monthly subscription rate. (You can also offer a 3 month, a 6 month, and an annual rate if you wish to do so by setting the monthly rate for these discounted bundles, as well as run promos.)

Pay Per View (PPV) posts: You can easily create PPV (paid) posts regardless of your account settings that are only visible for fans who pay to view the posts. To create a locked (paid) post, go to “new post”, click on the “$ Price” link under the description box and set your price. Only fans who pay for the post will have access to it.

Locked / Prepaid Private (LPP) Messages: You can send a “locked” message to your followers by setting the price for the message, however, these messages must contain an attachment. You will not be able to send a locked message without an attachment.

*You can only send LPP messages to followers (open and or public accounts) or subscribers.

Tip Feature: You can receive tips from your subscribers. To receive a tip, users can visit your profile and click on the “send a tip” button and complete the transaction. Tip amounts are set to a maximum of (how much you want here?)


Earnings and Payouts



How do I keep track of my earnings?


You can view all your earnings under settings in your “wallet” here Your earnings will be automatically added to your wallet and show up as “available funds”.


How do I keep track of my spendings?


You can view all your spendings under settings in your “payments” here


How do I start earning and get paid?


In order to get paid by, please do the following:

    • make sure you have submitted a valid government issued ID
    • make sure the account is fully verified
    • add your bank account that is in your name and matches the information on your ID
    • US Residents must upload a W-9 form so that we may issue you a 1099 after the tax year closes. The W-9 form is available here
    • We may ask for release forms to verify that you have the rights to the content

*Note: You may be unable to set a subscription price until your account has been verified.


Payouts and withdrawals


Withdrawals can be requested by creators at any time. The available payout methods are determined by your location, however, in the US we support Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and Bank Transfer. Internationally, we currently only offer PayPal. Transfers are manually processed by the administrator as a two-factor check in order to avoid fraud.

Your earnings become available for withdrawal from the Current Balance on a 7-day rolling basis. Creators in a small number of countries that receive high levels of reversed transactions will have Pending Balances for 21 days. All withdrawal requests and bank payouts are processed within 72 hours and will appear within 3-5 business days.

*Accounts flagged for review due to suspicious activity (potential fraud, payment system abuse, pirated content, etc.) are subject to payout delays and additional documents might be requested from the account holder.


My payout request was rejected


If you receive the following error message: "We have been unable to process your payout due to the following reason:”, please contact support at ___________ ?(INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE) so we can assist you.

Possible reasons:

    • Your previously submitted ID has expired
    • The documents previously submitted do not meet the requirements required to complete your payout request
    • There is missing payout information on your account which prevents you from withdrawing funds.
    • Please submit a copy of your government issued photo ID along with your selfie holding your ID.
    • You have not submitted a W9 form yet.
    • You may have to submit release forms and confirm models’ identity and age in videos.


I cannot initiate a withdrawal from my account/cannot see the “withdraw” tab in my wallet


Please make sure your account is fully verified with all your documents submitted and approved.

Once the account is reviewed and the submitted information is verified and approved, your payouts will be processed. Please note that if you have received this message, you will not be able to receive your payouts until this is complete.

Please note the following requirements which must be met for ANY uploaded image:

    • All images must be in color.
    • Submitted documents must be a photo or a scanned copy. Electronic documents or a photo of a photo will be rejected.
    • All 4 corners of the document must be visible.
    • The entire government-issued, non-expired ID must be shown. No parts of the document may be redacted, covered, cut, or censored.
    • Files must be .PNG or .JPG format and under 7MB in size.


My payment has been processed. Where is it?


If you haven’t received your payout, please contact us at _______(email here) so we can investigate, you should also contact your bank or payment processor and make sure you have entered the correct information as we are not responsible for incorrectly entered information.


Minimum withdrawal


The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.


Cancel my payout request


To submit a payout cancellation request, you will need to contact customer support. Please include the date & time of the payout request, and the amount. Although there is no guarantee that the operation will be 100% successful, we will do our best to cancel the transaction.


My Current Balance is above the withdrawal minimum but payout is unavailable


For U.S. Creators only: If your bank information is correct, it’s possible that your W-9 was filled out incorrectly. Please verify that Box #6 on your W-9 form contains your city, state, and ZIP. Otherwise, your payouts may have been paused because your account was suspected of fraudulent activity or was suspected to be in violation of our Terms of Service. Contact Support to resolve the issue and resume payouts.


How much of the payout do I receive?


The amount that you see in your current wallet balance is the exact amount in USD that will be sent to your payment method of choice minus our non-exclusive fee of 20%, transfer fees from the 3rd party payment platforms and z. Your bank may charge you currency conversion or transfer fees to receive the money. Additionally, your e-wallet company may charge you a fee for accessing the money. Payouts go out in USD and will be converted to the currency of your account. does not have control over currency exchange rates imposed by your bank.


Third Party Payments


Use of third-party payment systems outside of are prohibited due to anti-money laundering laws and “Know Your Client” requirements. Arrangements for offsite payments are not allowed.


Promoting Your Account



The referral payout will be 5% of the referred creator's earnings:


    • For the first 12 Months of their Account.
    • Limited to the first $1 Million Dollars earned by each Referred Creator. This allows Referrers to earn up to $50,000.00 per Referred Creator. There are no limitations on the number of Referred Creators or your total Referral Earnings. If someone signed up but did not use your referral code, we are unable to link that account to your referral. It is automated and cannot be changed. For additional details, please read the "Referral Program Terms" in the Terms of Service.


Referral link


Click the "My Referrals" tab in your dropdown menu. Your unique referral URL appears there.

You can share your Referral Link with anyone you believe would be a great Creator.

In order to receive Referral Income, the person must sign up using your unique code.

It is not possible for a Creator to use their own referral link.

Referral links are only able to be used by individuals who do not have and have not previously had an account. A Creator cannot delete their old account and open a new account with a referral link.


Referral income


Referral income is processed monthly on the 1st working day of the month.

Referral income is credited directly to your bank account within 7 business days.

In the event your monthly Referral Income does not exceed the minimum withdrawal amount of your current payout method, then your referral income rolls over to the next month. Subscription Prices You can set your subscription price between $4.99 and $50 per month, or you may set your account to be a free subscription. You may create bundles where users can buy a subscription for 2 or more months at once. The maximum bundle price is $250. Post troubleshooting Posts can include up to 40 pictures or videos.


Reporting a Post


To report content, click on the three dots icon on the post, and select 'report, select a reason and our admins will review and take action accordingly.

You can also block a certain user by going to the their profile, click on the “lists” icon and add them to your blocked list.


To report stolen Content takes content piracy very seriously.

To file Copyright Infringement notices, creators should send all supporting details and evidence via email to Please provide the link to the user page and or post(s) in question, as well as supporting screenshots. You may also click "Report" near the post with copyright infringement and select option "Content contains stolen material (DMCA)". will do everything to get the content removed as soon as possible. Posting and distributing stolen content will result in permanent account suspension and ban with all funds on the account forfeited.