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March 02
New York

behind the scenes with Jeff and Bobby Ryker on a STUDFIST shoot.

Hungry Ffaggot @WonderPupDisco gets streeeeetched!!!! Watch me train 'em

Fisting @FFa99ot_ Silly...

If you love the fisting content I make and want to exclusively watch my hollow out man pussy.... Come check out my account on Studfist.FANS!!! Only 7.99/month!!! And to celebrate a double feature release!!! Pt.2 of my fun with @WonderPupDisco and Pt. 2 with @FFa99ot_. Come watch me train holes at Studfist.FANS, where Fisters Fist!!!

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Watch me stretch this @FFa99ot OUT!!!!

I've played with @sub_rosa_92 for years but we've never filmed till now. Check out this hot little warm up session we had before a fisting party!!!

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FFuckyeah!!! I love playing with @BobbyRyker. He is such a good FFaggot. He knows how to serve, He knows how to control the enrgy of the room as a sub. And its heaven resting your face between those fat cheeks and slurping on his puffy boy pussy!!!

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Pt. 2 with Max_Wide!!! We take it down to the floor so he can really spread it wide and show off that proffessional HOLE!!!

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I LOVE working over @W0rk0utn3rd and his hole. A big beefy man with a muscular hole that somehow has amazing grip and is loose as hell. Getting in his hole is like resistance training for your fist. Once your in, it's like falling down the rabbit hole........ And the best part.... Whatever you throw at him... he loves it!!!

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FFuuuuccckkkk!!! @ffurrystud invited a bunch of us over for some rooftop debauchery last summer. So many deep, loose, and delicious holes were shared! Watch Pt. 1 W/ @FFrenchFFarmer @rex_aus

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